How To Develop A Good Ear: Part II


First of all, thanks to those who read Part 1 of How To Develop A Good Ear. Secondly, no, this won’t turn into a Rocky series leading to Part 20 or anything ridiculous like that. (Although I’d probably still watch Rocky 20 if it came out!) This is just a few more ideas for aural […]

How to Develop a Good Ear


Developing a good ear takes practice. Here are a few of the exercises I’ve found highly effective.

A Lesson On Accuracy


This lesson is designed to help you in various areas of your guitar playing: Develop the synchronization of both your hands. Focus on picking hand, accuracy, and technique through the use of different rhythmic groupings, such as triplets and sixteenth notes.  Train your picking hand to learn phrasing that might otherwise feel unnatural or awkward […]