Don’t stop. Keep going. 2020 Edition

Don’t Stop Keep Going (2020 Edition) Wow. So far, the year 2020 sucks big time! I don’t think I need to talk about why, but I’ll give you an idea anyway! I was on my way to breaking the 40-students-per-week mark. March was going to be one of my most lucrative months in a long […]

Raw & Real Creativity


3 ways to make the most of your creativity this year – Start now, let your personality come through, and avoid distractions. Keep it raw and real and CREATE!

Don’t Stop. Keep Going.


How do you keep creating when costs keep adding up and no money comes in? How do you deal with the discouragement of the current state of the music business?

Turning Practice Into Music


Let’s avoid becoming “professional practicers”. Don’t forget about writing some killer music! Here’s how to turn your practice exercises into new songs.

How to Find Inspiration


4 ways to find inspiration when you’re feeling uninspired & what to do while you wait for inspiration to hit.

How to Develop a Good Ear


Developing a good ear takes practice. Here are a few of the exercises I’ve found highly effective.

Self Expression: Playing With Feeling


There has been a long-standing debate on whether a so-called “shredder” is just showing off, or actually expressing something of him/herself. Personally, I love fast and flashy playing and I believe it to be as legitimate a form of self-expression as a standard blues lick. This article will explain why. A Reflection of Personality It […]