New Horizons (2020)

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Essence of Time (2009)

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Elsewhere (2020)

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Guitars From The Shadows (2008)

A compilation album of members of the Tom Hess Music Careers Mentoring Program. I contributed a song called The Eternal, which also appears on Essence of Time.


Redhead Mack - Ish (2010)

Redhead Mack was the last band I was in. Acoustic Folk meets Hard Rock. Awesome musicians. We had a great time playing together in and around Calgary.

Friday's Cry - N.C.G. (2001)

I played with Friday's Cry off and on from 1996 to 2002. We toured western Canada quite a bit, played hundreds of shows, and had a blast. I recorded 5 Christian rock albums with them. I love those guys, but we parted ways.

Critical Day (2004)

A collection of 6 songs we recorded as an appetizer for the upcoming album. Just a little something for fans to take home from our shows. We had some interest from a small independent label, but no contracts were signed and an album never materialized.

Friday's Cry - Never Gonna Die (2001)

This is the orignial cover art before Friday's Cry became the band name.

Wave Ministries - More (1998)

My second album with this band. (Wave Ministries became Friday's Cry in 2001.)

Da Capo - New Year's Eve at Renzo's

This was a jazz quartet I was a part of in 2003. We played quite a few gigs, just playing standards. Right around the time we decided to try some original material, it ended. I recorded and mixed this CD myself with my first ProTools setup.

Friday's Cry - Torn Veil (1999)

This album was a two-night jam session. We basically set up and went for it, totally free-flowing, mistakes and all. Very liberating.

My First Band


I played with this metal band from 1995 to 1996. I absolutely loved the music we wrote. Some of my most memorable times of hanging out with a group of awesome friends and writing some of the most inspired, complex, and heavy music I've ever done.