Reviews & Interviews


"Got your song on CD. It is damn good, man! I knew it would be!"
"Lee Carlson's music has great melodies, harmonies, craftsmanship and the perfect amount of technical proficiency on his instrument. His music echoes with emotion and allows the listener to dive into another world of aural bliss. Not only is his music great, but he's a great person as well. From getting to know him, it is very obvious that he is a great person to work with and get to know. Keep doing what you are doing, Lee!"
"Thanks so much for sending the mp3!!! Your playing is really, really good! Lots of melodies and shredding, too! I wish you all the best for your upcoming solo CD."
"Lee is a well-studied guitar player and musician with a massive amount of experience in multiple genres and styles. All this knowledge is channeled into his great not choice and phrasing, and a refined, unique style of writing. Lee's debut solo album promises to be a badass display of great playing and great music."
"Lee is a great guitarist with some awesome melodic ideas. Not only does he have great chops, but a great ability to write music with a real epic feel. I'll be looking forward to seeing all he has in store for us in the future!"
"Your playing is very tasteful, man! Very exotic and catchy... Your cool blend of influences helped forge your unique style. You've got some great chops, too, bro!"