Lee Carlson is an instrumental guitarist, teacher, composer, youtuber and blogger from Calgary, Alberta. From instrumental rock guitar to atmospheric ambient sounds, his unique style comes from an ability to create a song out of a vision or mood.

With 8 albums to his credit, Lee continues to write, record, and release music of varying genres – from full-length instrumental guitar songs to production music for licensing purposes.


Born and raised on Vancouver Island, Lee started playing guitar at age 12, taking private lessons and playing in the school band. Major influences included Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, John Petrucci, and Frank Zappa.

After graduating from high school, Lee attended Vancouver Island University (then called Malaspina College) for a year, studying Jazz Theory and Composition. After a move to Vancouver, he studied composition with music producer David Malecot of Malecot Music Enterprises.

Teaching & Bands

Lee began teaching guitar lessons and joined the metal band Acropolis. The band performed many shows and was a great musical outlet.

Soon after Acropolis, Lee joined Friday’s Cry, touring Western Canada and recording 5 albums.

In 2002, Lee moved to Alberta and joined Da Capo, a jazz quartet, gigging regularly, and recording another album.

Critical Day was his next band collaboration. Their heavy rock sound led to another album and a host of shows, including opening for Jars of Clay, Starfield, and Riley Armstrong.

Lee joined Redhead Mack in 2010, recording their EP Ish, and playing many local gigs.

Solo Recording

Lee’s debut solo album, Essence of Time, was independently released in 2009. Then remastered and rereleased May 2020.

A Music Lifestyle

Over the course of the last decade, Lee has immersed himself in music in varying degrees – from serving on staff as the Director of Music at a local church, to playing guitar weekly with praise and worship teams, to teaching many guitar students at all skill levels.

Today, Lee spends his time teaching as well as composing and recording a diverse collection of music for fans of shredding guitar, melodic music, instrumental compositions, and anything else he finds interesting. He has also been producing music for licensing and blogging since 2018.